West Coast Confection - Founders Chris & Tonya

Yo Bakers! Tanya & Chris

Chris and Tanya Greene started west coast confection in 2019. what started as a side hustle doing something they were passionate about (eating) quickly became their main hustle. they took a chance and went all in on their dream. they left their old careers as a nurse and a gym owner behind to fulfill their passion of baking and eating bomb ass treats. 

West coast confection’s mission is to offer unique, high quality, and imaginative, extraordinary desserts that deliver a memorable, emotion evoking experience. West coast confection aims to be a locally, and nationally recognized bakery brand, where customers come to experience an entirely new indulgent awakening of their taste buds, both in-store, and delivered directly to the comfort of their home. 

made with love, humor, hip-hop, and high standards.

spread love. eat dessert.

Love you fam!