Aint No Body Going Back To School Pack


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September is traditionally back to school month BUT ‘Rona hit and now Aint NOBODY going back to school! Instead of treating the teachers to apples and fixing them little PB&J’s for the kiddos after school…treat yo self instead! We’re hittin’ you with:

Peanut Butter Jelly Time

Our blondie base with peanut butter chips mixed throughout, Nutter Butter cookie sandwiches, homemade strawberry compote, and an ENTIRE jelly filled donut smashed inside! Topped off with a fluffy AF peanut butter buttercream with chunks of nutter butter cookies mixed in.

The Apple Bottom

Our signature cinnamon blondie base, real apple pie filling, maple cream oreos and huge chunks of APPLE FRITTER donuts! Topped with a smooth cookie butter buttercream with biscoff cookie chunks mixed in.





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