The Phat and Jolly December Limited Editions!


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The numba one stunna of Holiday flavors. Gingerbread. You knew we had to. This deliciously ginger spiced blondie is loaded with a thicc slice of spice cake, loads of the awesome Gingerbread Oreos, and white chocolate chips. We top this seasonal heavy hitter with…drumroll …an EGGNOG BUTTERCREAM  and a soft baked gingerbread cookie with eggnog cream inside! We love the holidays. We love you. You’ll love this. Win/win.


It’s a sugar cookie base absolutely jam packed with Christmas delight. We put Sugar Cookie M&Ms and Golden Oreos throughout the base. We stuff this thing fatter than Santa’s bag with shortbread cookies, white chocolate covered pretzels and a whole jar of cookie butter! It’s topped with our brand new sugar cookie fudge! This. Thing. SLAPS !!!!


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