Deuces – Pick any 2 Brownies or Blondies!


Life is all about choices . Customize your ride with ANY 2 brownies of your choosing and well hook you up!


The O.G.

This one right here is  the Mac Daddy white caddy.  That white on white on white.   A phat a** super fly funfetti base G’d up from the feet up with them chunks of white fudge ding dongs, and white chocolate chips.  Lastly, we top you off with that buttercream dream. A smooth, silky, sexy layer of buttercream love.

This classic  will take you back to when you was just a lil’ G.

The California Love

Our LEGENDARY buttery blondie inspired by the  golden era of West Coast hip-hop. This gangsta-ass blondie kicks off with our rich buttery brown suga base. Next we hit ya with that THICC layer of decadent cookie butter, white chocolate chips and them thug-ass white chocolate covered pretzels. HOOOOO-WEEEE but that ain’t it! Next we throw down another layer of that brown suga butter base and top it off wit somethin’ real sexy. GOLD. Hershey’s gold bars, more white chocolate,  AND some smooth as silk HOMEMADE caramel sauce.

This thang gonna hit ya so hard, yo momma gonna feel it!


Nuttin’ But a G-Thang

We droppin’ that funky sh*t wit this MASSIVE gangsta. This beast starts out with a rich fudgy brownie base. Next, we bring all the noise with a phat layer of peanut butter cups. But we don’t mess with them mini’s…no sir, we cop them big boyz…them FULL size peanut butter cups.  Then, we drop in some sweet chocolate chips AND PB chips. Then we hit you with that magic… a double cheeked up layer of PEANUT BUTTER FUDGE. Did ya’ll hear me??? I said PEANUT BUTTA FUDGE!

It’s juuuust what “the Dr.” ordered.

S’more Money, S’more Problems

West Coast Confection comin’ in hot with that east coast love. This Notorious B.I.G. heavy hitta is “straight outta campfire”. Big Poppa is kickin’ it off with our decadent, fudgy brownie base. We go next level crunch on ya with a layer of toasted graham crackers. Then, we givin’ you s’more cushion for the pushin’ with a fluffy ‘mallow layer. We stay strong with a silky buttery THICC layer of homemade caramel sauce and then finish you off with golden toasted mini mallows!

I got 99 problems, but a brownie ain’t one!

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The OG
Nuttin' But A G-Thang
The California Love
S'more Money, S'more Problems
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Customize your ride with a deuces pack! Pick any 2 flavors!

Additional information

Weight 34 oz
Dimensions 8 × 3 × 3 in
Flavor 1

The OG, Nuttin' but a G-Thang, The California Love, S'more Money, S'more Problems

Flavor 2

The OG, Nuttin' but a G-Thang, The California Love, S'more Money, S'more Problems


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