Hot Brownie Summer Duo


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Hot Brownie Summer Duo!
Forget about hot boy/girl summer and get down on this summer brownie/blondie duo! And for the first time ever, Mix and Match your Duo!!!

“Caramel-Sutra” Our most decadent brownie yet! Our signature fudgy brownie base loaded with Dark Chocolate Oreo’s, chewy snickers bars, chopped pecans and an inappropriate amount of our small batch salted caramel! Topped with more salted caramel, sea salt caramel chips, dark chocolate chips and chopped pecans! Try this one topped with creamy vanilla ice cream after a long hot summer day!

Zest Coast” Our fresh white chocolate zesty lemon Blondie base stuffed with Lemon Oreo’s, homemade blueberry compote, and thick slices of lemon iced poud cake. Topped with a classic buttercream  and our brand new Blueberry cookie! The blueberry cookie is stuffed with blueberry poptarts, blueberry compote, and a lemon oreo! Perfect served cold or warm!

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