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May is our BIRTHDAY MONTH!! To honor that, we’ve got “THE CELEBRATION” duo! We pulled an old favorite, and also put together somethin NEW for ya guys.

“The Big Pun”
This PHAT boy starts with a layer of our gooey, fudgie brownie base and topped with a layer of our delicious, signature blondie base. In between, we stuff it with White Chocolate Reese’s PB Cups, a layer of melty marshmallow, a generous peanut butter drizzle and the amazing Caramel Oreos. The money-maker is the GIANT, 6oz, soft, doughy, perfectly done, house-made “Drake” chocolate chip cookie shoved into a bed of creamy peanut butter buttercream. This cookie is named such because, ‘it’s so good it’ll have you all up in yo feelins’ . Is it a brownie??? Is it a blondie??? IT’S BOTH! (And a bomb cookie too.)


because, well, it’s that good. We take our signature gooey blondie and go cake batter flavor with it. We add sprinkles throughout, and stuff it with a layer of Birthday Cake Oreos, and a yuuuge donut, because you know how we do it. We shove a delicious glazed buttermilk bar right into each blondie, and top it with a Dunkaroo buttercream! The big bow on top of this birthday present is a brand new confetti cookie! It’s a confetti base with chunks of Golden Oreo, Confetti Cupcake Pop Tart pieces, Sprinkles and a Birthday Cake Hershey’s Kiss. Listen Fam. Everyday is your birthday this month. What better gift than a lil sugary sweet lovin…

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