The Gang- 2-Pack Mix and Match Cookies/Cubes


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That Dude


Thicker than a Bowl of Oatmeal


The Drake


Gangsta’s Paradise


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Choose any 2 of our decadent cookies OR cookie cubes in one pack. In true West Coast fashion, our cookies are huge! Weighing in at 8 Oz each. They are of moist, gooey, and baked to perfection. Traditional flavors done right. Our cubes are 10 -12 oz moist layered cookie bars that you will have to unhinge your jaw to bite into!

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Cookies- $6.50

  • “Thicker than a Bowl of Oatmeal”- THICC is the name of the game. Our fat and chewy oatmeal cookie is buttery and moist with a slightly golden brown crust and sweet little plump raisins mixed through out. With a perfect little hit of cinnamon and amazing texture.
  • “The Drake”– This is it people. “The Drake” is the perfect classic and decant chocolate chip cookie. This is everything you want in a chocolate chip cookie. Buttery. Thick. Gooey. This cookie so good it’ll have you ALL UP IN YO FEELIN’S!
  • “That Dude”  – That cinnamon sugar bliss. A traditional and extra soft snickerdoodle cookie with white chocolate chips and a cinnamon sugar coating!
  • “Gangsta’s Paradise” Peanut. Butta. Cookie. Our traditional cookie dough base with gooey peanut butter chips throughout. Moist and delicious. This cookie tastes so MF good, you gonna think yuh done died and went to heaven

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Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 2 in


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